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44.00 EUR
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Level: Advance

Kit to build a Zentaurus Rev 1.22. You need only 3 Knobs for shaft 6.35mm(max. diameter to 24mm/ shaft 6,35mm - 0.25"))and a enclosure of min. 1590BB, GEH090, PLSA29830 - Can't powered with battery!!)
Decals (stickers) are not part of the kit


1x 3PDT switch
2x Mono jack 1/4"
1x DC-jack isolated
1x LED 3mm blue
1x LED bezel chrome
1x Circuit board + electronical parts
1x Documentation online for download(wiring plan, face plan, please download

Zentaurus V1.21

Zentaurus V1.22

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44.00 EUR

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