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16.00 EUR
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Kit to build a treblele booster. Needed becomes only a knob (1/4") and a enclosure.

The treble booster unit is an essential component of Brian May's unique guitar tones. This is not a fuzz or distortion pedal, but a simple device which boosts the level of the guitar signal and reduces the lower frequencies. Using the booster, Brian is able to push his VOX AC30s into a warm valve overdrive for those classic tones. He also uses his treble booster with the 'Deacy' amp to give the amazingly smooth, rich violin-like tones which he uses in many multi-layered 'harmony' recordings.

1x 3PDT switch
1x Mono jack 1/4"
1x Stereo jack 1/4"
1x Battery connector
1x DC-jack isolated
1x LED 3mm Low Current red
1x LED bezel
1x Circuit board + electronical parts


Please choose your favorite enclosures!

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16.00 EUR

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