119.00 EUR
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119.00 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping

Only available in german!!!

8-fach Looper/switch System with MIDI control.
Complete elctronic for switching 8 loops with loop indication without bank expander.(Ground version).
8 presets on board, via midi 128 presets
Without enclosure + 8 outputs for loop or Switch | + 8 presets can be selected via buttons
+ 128 presets via MIDI selectable
+ Control Changes (CC) via MIDI for each of the 8 outputs (optional)
+ Simple programming of the presets on the switcher without other aids or via configuration tool on the PC. Upload via MIDI
+ Mute function during switching
+ Instant Access function for the live situation
+ FloorBoard Switcher / Looper version
+ Kemper mode for Tap Tempo via Bank Expander, compatible with the G-Major. Here CC messages are sent alternately with value 0 and 127 on CC30.

ISL888p 2016


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119.00 EUR

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