52.00 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping

52.00 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping

Kit to build an 8-fold multi effect with DB-FV1 8XX
Motherboard with all the necessary components, without knobs, incl. a DB-FV1 8XX module of choice
Knobs you need 4x for 6,35mm ,max. Diameter 16mm.

DB-FV1 8G1: Echo / Reverb, Echo Repeat / reverb, chorus / reverb, flanger / reverb, phaser / Reverb, Tremolo / Reverb, Vibrato / Reverb, Autowah / Reverb
DB-FV1 8G2: Octave up / down, 700ms delay, echo repeat, chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato / reverb, Autowah / Reverb
DB-FV1 8R: Moderate Reverb, Large Reverb, Gated Reverb, Room Reverb, Hall, Plate Reverb, Reverb Minimal, Vocal Reverb
True Bypass with AVR relay and soft button control. No battery operation.
Decals (stickers) are not part of the kit
Power supply 9V DC standard polarity max. 70mA
Enclosure: 1590B or 27134 - selection without, with, predrilled

If you have the appropriate hardware, e.g. PIC-Kit 2 or Derrivate, you can reprogram the module according to your specifications.


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52.00 EUR

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