269.00 EUR
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269.00 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping

Details: The module saves the DIY-unwilling user from buying potentiometers, sockets and switches, wiring and soldering the same and annoying drilling and labeling of a front panel or enclosure and building a power supply!
All controls and jacks are built into the MD, you just need to put the pin headers of the DIY synth on the corresponding jacks on the back of the MD and connect the cable for temperature compensation.
Then plug the ribbon cable into the Eurorack power supply - DONE!
The MD accesses all patch points of the DIY synth and even extends it a bit. These are the octave switch and the normal / slew switch.
To adjust the octave circuit, once the synthesizer board has been plugged in, a voltage of 5.00V must be set at point TP1 (spindle trimmer 2K). The feedback loop of the filter was interrupted, for example, and is now freely patchable.
In addition, you can also use the inverter circuit that provides the inverted envelope signal, self-sufficient. Again, there is a normalization, from the ADSR output to the now available inverter input. And the slew limiter can also be used separately. down Since the module is internally normalized, you can use the DIY synth directly, you just have to add a pitch CV and a gate! Other

DIY Synth Doepfer included!

VCO inputs: 1V / oct, Sync, FM exp, FM lin, Slew, PW mod.
VCO outputs: pulse, sawtooth, slew
LFO outputs: pulse and triangle
VCF Inputs: Audio 1 & 2, CV 1 & 2, Resonance Feedback
VCF outputs: lowpass, bandpass, highpass, low-notch-high
ADSR: Gate Input, ADSR Output, Inverter Input, Inverter Output
VCA: Audio inputs 1-3 (LP, BP, HP), CV inputs 1 & 2, audio output

3U Eurorack expansion module, 42HP wide, 40mm deep



269.00 EUR

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